Press: Natalie Portman on playing popstar Celeste in Vox Lux: She’s not a monster but a victim of the era

Natalie Portman recently opened up about her role in the upcoming Brady Corbet directorial titled Vox Lux. Marking Corbet’s second directorial venture, Vox Lux charts the journey of a singer who manages to attain fame worldwide. The film premiered at the Venice Film Festival and will also be screened at the upcoming Toronto Film Festival, reports Far Out.

Discussing her role as Celeste, in the film, Portman says the character is both a “victim” and a “leader” of her times. Vox Lux, notes Portman, deals with how the 20th century was distinct in its “banality of evil” while the 21st will be hailed as the “pageantry of evil”. “She’s not designed to be a monster at all,” added Portman. “She’s as much a victim of the era as a leader of the era.”

Vox Lux also stars Jude Law, Jennifer Ehle, Stacy Martin and Raffey Cassidy along with Portman.

Talking about the impact of the film on her, Portman claims it’s just like art; organic, and not something that can be coerced. She hopes that Vox Lux enables viewers to notice the goings-on around them and recognise how it affects their lives.

Celeste’s 15-year journey as a singer is depicted in Vox Lux. Having had an unfortunate childhood, Celeste achieves considerable success later on in life. Talking about the rampant gun violence and school shootings in the US, Portman added, “It (school shootings) is a type of civil war and terror in the US and what that means for every kid going to school every day and how small acts of violence can create widespread psychology torment.”

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